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In the past 10 years, digital influencers have become key elements in the branding and communication strategies of cosmetics, beauty, and skincare companies.

At the same time as they have gained protagonism in this market, companies also have evolved in the way they see the role of those professionals in the construction of their brands. While in the beginning what mattered the most in the decision were big numbers, especially reach and visibility potential, today it is possible to notice great changes in the criteria guiding the development of influencers’ marketing strategies. We can mention, for instance, more concern about the adherence to the values and attributes of the brands, discursive legitimacy and representativeness within specific communities or groups of consumers. Instead of just considering the image, alignment with the brands’ beliefs and essence is increasingly becoming a key element in the relationship between brands and influencers.

The LivingReports on Beauty & Skincare Digital Influencers in Brazil presents the complete mapping of the community of the most relevant digital influencers in the universe of beauty and skincare in the national market. They are women and men with different profiles and locations who actively create and share content about beauty products on social media, spread information and knowledge and motivate new habits and trends in makeup and skincare.

With this LivingReports you will be able to navigate a network of more than 400 relevant digital influencers in the Brazilian market of beauty and skincare and find out how their relations of influence take place. Based on a detailed mapping, we have built a database with organized strategic information that allows us to know who they are, who they influence and who influences them, their digital presence and reach.

In the LivingReports network module it is possible to visually understand how stakeholders are connected based on their links and interactions on social media. It is an integrated map that enables quantitative and qualitative analyses of the connections between influencers and their digital communities, guiding the design of segmented engagement and communication strategies.

Additionally, with the LivingReports it is possible to daily monitor what is being said by these influencers on social media and with that follow their discourse on brands, products, techniques and styles and keep updated about trends and new habits in beauty and skincare.

The influencers were analyzed considering the adherence of their discourse and content produced to the following topics:

  • Product performance
  • Make-up tutorials
  • Prevention and skincare
  • Black skin
  • Mature skin
  • Organic and vegan products
  • Formulas and ingredients
  • Cruelty-free and tests on animals
  • Fashion and style
  • Self-esteem

Main questions answered in this report:

  • What are the new behaviors and trends of Beauty and Skincare Digital Influencers in Brazil?
  • What are the main impacts of Covid-19 in the behavior of Beauty and Skincare Digital Influencers?
  • Who are the Top 20 Beauty and Skincare Digital influencers in Brazil?
  • What are the main digital communities revealed by the network of beauty and skincare influencers?
  • Who are the influencers in each community?
  • How are the main beauty and skincare brands positioned in the network of digital influencers? What are the most influential brands? What digital communities do they connect with?
  • What are the brands most mentioned by influencers?
  • What are the main discursive trends in the network of influencers? What are the most mentioned topics? What are the most mentioned categories?
  • Who are the most active influencers in the network, what do they talk about and what is the engagement generated?

In the era of information overload, transforming dispersed data into knowledge is critical for success in business.

The methodology applied in the development of LivingReports is funded by network analysis theories and the experience of more than 300 projects carried out globally for the most different industries. It consists of identifying “small worlds” of stakeholders and influencers, formed by people and institutions carefully mapped and highly relevant for the topics under analysis.

The “small worlds” presented in LivingReports are highly relevant, once it is precisely in the relationship dynamics of its members that are originated the perceptions, positions and narratives that quickly spread through the web and influence a larger portion of society, or what we call the “big world”.

The networks of stakeholders and influencers are built based on the mapping of online links, captured through the interaction between stakeholders on social media and the different off-line links, such as shared workplace, technical scientific co-production, partnerships, and funding, among other.

Using Network Science and Netnography techniques, we transform data and dispersed information about these stakeholders and influencers into organized, integrated, and updated knowledge, bringing context and meaning to our analyses.

LivingReports is an interactive, dynamic platform that makes it possible for users to navigate stakeholders’ networks and make visual, qualitative, and quantitative analyses. On the macro level it is possible to have a general view of the network, understand its structure, quantify its level of cohesion, identify clusters, and know who occupies its center. On the mezzo level, it is possible to apply segmentations through filters and visualize complex segmentations to understand how certain clusters relate to one another and how a specific cluster is structured. And, on the micro level it is possible to have a deeper look into a specific stakeholder, whether it is a person or organization, to understand their connections in the network, their relations of influence, their position and narratives on social media.



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